Ghosts are a category of monsters or entities that appear wither invisible or translucent in appearance and are usually non-corporeal in nature. Their influences on the world range from merely appearing through peoples' hallucinations, to directly affecting the physical world.

Ghosts by physicality

Non-physical ghosts

  • Spirit (wraith, phantom, specter, etc.) - Usually the soul and consciousness of the deceased, but doesn't strictly come from the dead. They can also be manifested into existence with enough willpower from living beings. They mostly have no means to directly affect the physical world and act as spectators that don't interfere.

Pseudo-physical ghosts

  • Apparitions - Similar to the "Spirit" group but has the capacity to influence the land of the living through small actions. They can either show themselves in the form of dreams or hallucinations or even alter the readings of recording devices used in observation. (Such as cameras, film, radio, and even an eye.) They can do this by ever so slightly manipulating the path of light allowing to use refraction or shadows to make themselves appear.

Physical ghosts

  • Poltergeist - One of the more aggressive types of ghosts that have enough willpower to force physical objects to move. A poltergeist commonly cannot hurt the body a living being directly but may be able to use the objects in the environment to their advantage.
  • Possession - Outright taking partial or full control of a host as a body. Hosts can either be living bodies, inanimate objects in the shape of bodies, or even inanimate objects that don't bear resemblance to any living things but are special to a living being or a large number of them.
  • Ghoul - Vicious monsters that can and will feast on the flesh and blood of dead bodies, primarily from humans, and prey on the young and vulnerable. These are the most physical that a ghost can get as it is driven by basic physical needs instead of emotional ones.

Ghosts by action

Docile ghosts

Trickster ghosts

Will claim to be

Aggressive ghosts

Vengeful spirits - 

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