biological information
Age 400-years-old
(Body age)
(Physically and psychologically)
Species Vampire
(Previously human)
Gender Female
physical attributes
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Black
Friends Zoe, Stacy, Gabby, Makamutra


Valerie has the appearance of a nine-year-old girl has with pale skin, violet eyes, and short and jet black hair. She is seen usually wearing a black dress and a red bow around her neck. As a bat, she takes the form of no particular species of bat, as she can only shape-shift into what bats generally look like.

Abilities/Disabilities (Game)

Valerie is (possibly) the fourth playable character in the game.


She despises the fact that she is a vampire. She avoids acknowledging it and quickly dismisses any questions regarding vampirism from the other girls whenever they bring it up.

Likewise, she doesn't like being called a vampire. Though she's fully aware of it, she pretends that she isn't and prefers to live with the other girls strictly for their friendy relationships.

The other undead children purely see it as an embarrassing topic to her, for she shrinks out of her clothes whenever she turns into a bat and has often returned home naked during the earlier times they started living with each other.