Zoe v4
biological information
Age 70-years-old
(Body age)
10 years old
(Physically and psychologically)
Species Human
Gender Female
physical attributes
Eye Color Brown
(Red as a zombie)
Hair Color Brown
Friends Stacy, Gabby, Valerie, Makamutra
Zoe is a ten-year-old girl resurrected into a zombie.


Zoe is a zombie girl about the age of ten with large eyes and brown hair. She wears a purple blouse with dark shoulder straps, under that she wears a pink T-shirt. She wears a light pink pleated skirt and wears pink shoes and socks. Her entire outfit is all torn and tattered. Her skin is green and in some parts are decaying such as her arms and the right side of her jaw, which partly reveals her bones. On the right side of her head is a hole where her brain is exposed.

Abilities/Disabilities (Game)

Zoe, like all of the playable characters, cannot die. After she takes too much damage, all parts her will dismember. In this state, the player will have to control Zoe's head to move towards all the individual parts to be assembled. Although in contact with fire, she will not recover and will reset the level. Similar to the Stacy and the Makamutra, she has the ability to throw one of her body parts to a certain location in order to reach an area. Zoe can punch and kick enemies but can also use any weapon to attack.


Zoe has mindlessly roamed around for decades, threatening many that have lived in nearby villages. After constantly being hunted down, she has ended up in a mysteriously abandoned town where she was able to come across a ranch stocked with large amounts of meat. She ate them all up and with her satisfied appetite, she slowly regained her senses started to act more human, beginning to fathom what she's become. Spending countless hours staying in the ghost town alone, she came across another undead being with no flesh, Stacy. They spent a lot of time together taking solace in each others' apparent state of existence.

Zoe is a magical type of zombie who was brought back to life by means of necromancy. She isn't a zombie-infested with a parasitic virus or a stitched corpsed powered by lightning. Since she is magical, she cannot deteriorate any more than the state of her body when she was resurrected. She can still be destroyed if all traces of her body were to be burned, if a single portion of her manages to slip through then it can regenerate on its own and from back into Zoe's default state so long as it has access to something to feast on to regenerate.